La Giaconda - Mona Lisa - LHOOQ

I draw much inspiration from Fine Art though, until this set of pictures, I had not sought to copy it. I was working on a portfolio of prints for this lovely model when I was struck by her likeness to the lady in Leonardo Da Vinci's painting. I suggested recreating it to her and she was enthusiastic, but it proved impossible to match the distinctive costume. By happy coincidence I came across a website that hosted recreations of famous paintings and photographs, and realised that several used body paint. I knew a little about airbrushing, the model was equally keen and La Giaconda was the result. What I really wanted to create though, was Duchamp's parody of it - LHOOQ (a rather rude french schoolboy joke). The Dada movement cleared the decks for Surrealism, Abstraction, Expressionism, Pop Art, Op Art, Conceptual Art and all the ..isms of the 20th century. This is my "Homage a Dada Duchamp".

Gustav Klimt

It wasn't easy to follow Mona Lisa but Klimt provided a number of well known portraits, and Frida Kahlo's moving self portraits. Just to make sure, I've included the original alongside most of the paintings.

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  • Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer
  • Portrait of Elilie Floge
  • Hope II
  • Judith II
  • Mermaids with silver fish
  • Hygeia (detail from Medicine)
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Other painters have caught my attention. Picasso of course, and Chris Ofili's beautiful "No Woman No Cry" - his tribute to Doreen Laurence. this is my tribute to their work, and some ideas of my own...

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  • Harlequin in the style of Picasso
  • Chris Ofili's "No Woman No Cry"
  • Cubist portrait after Picasso
  • Frida Kahlo Double portrait
  • Woman of Algiers after Picasso
  • Camouflage painting
  • Nagim II, snake goddess
  • Nagim, snake goddess

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Producing a body painting is quite a long and slow process. The painting can take several hours and preparing stencils for the airbrushing for the more complicated designs may require several days. It is a huge effort for what is often just a single image. Occasionally it is possible to photograph the work in progress, or to create a part costume on the way.

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