Photographer, Body painter, Digital Artist

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Make yourself at home, have a look around my galleries. If you want to know something about my photography, its influences and my aims, check out my Personal Page

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My work is very diverse, it goes wherever the inspiration takes me. This was my first ever exhibition panel at Woking Photographic Society

and below is one of my many Theatre panels.

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My most recent project, Le Cadavre Exquis, inspired by Dada and Surrealism, is utterly bizarre. You will find it in my Public Galleries

I think that the unclothed human body is beautiful. Some are lucky enough to have a natural beauty, others of us have flaws, lumps, bumps and scars. These marks are part of us, the life  experiences, that formed us into who and what we are. They are to be celebrated. If you are not offended by nudity, please take a tour of my private galleries where you will find both professional and amateur models of all ages shapes and sizes. I am always on the lookout for new models and collaborators.

If you would like to try it you can contact me here.

Please explore, and if you have any questions or comments, do message me via the Contacts page.

New Content

Photographs from the World Bodypainting Festival 2022

in Klagenfurt Austria

Click the image below to go directly to a feast of colour,

fun and creativity

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Recent Exhibitions

I was very pleased and excited to have two exhibitions in 2021.
From 9th September to 31st October
at the Farley Farm Gallery, East Sussex
I showed Ghoti** - a very strange kettle of fish -

01 ghoti composite copyJPG
Farley Farm was the home of the surrealists artist Roland Penrose and photographer Lee Miller. The house and garden has a stunning collection of modern art and the gallery has a permanent display of Lee's work.

** Ghoti is pronounced "Fish"
- the gh as in enough, o as in women and ti as in station.

And from 9th to 20th November
at the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester
as part of an Arena exhibition, I showed my
Cadavre Exquis, A Canto in Surrealist Style
inspired by Le Comte de Lautréamont and
the French Surrealist group around André Breton.

Phonecall diptych 900wjpg