Photographer, Body painter, Digital Artist

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My most recent project, inspired by Dada and Surrealism Le Cadavre Exquis is utterly bizarre. You will find it in my Public Galleries

I think that the unclothed human body is beautiful. Some are lucky enough to have a natural beauty, others of us have flaws, lumps, bumps and scars. These marks are part of us, the life  experiences, that formed us into who and what we are. They are to be celebrated.

If you are not offended by nudity, please take a tour of my private galleries where you will find both professional and amateur models of all ages shapes and sizes.

I am always on the lookout for new models and collaborators. If you would like to try it
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Would you Dare to Bare?

People are funny about nudity but here’s a question
  "Are they really embarrassed to be seen naked,       or is it they just don’t want to be recognised?"

My Anonymous Images are pictures of people who think the latter, not your stereotypical models, but comfortable with themselves and confident in their bodies.  I hope that you find them fun.

DSC_2768 Ghost 2bjpg

DSC_0120 enhanced colourjpg

... and if you’d like to do something similar

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Body painting and Digital Art

This is my latest body painting project, two recreations of Frida Khalo paintings, the self portrait 'The Broken Column'...

Skye as Frida Khalojpg

... and her double portrait

Double portrait Ver 03bjpg

Both are very moving autobiographical works. The 'column' is a symbol of the damage to her spine that she suffered in a trolleybus accident as a young girl. The straps represent the body support that she had to wear, and the nails the pain she endured throughout her life. The double portrait presents the conflict she felt between the "intelectual Spanish colonialist" and the "Mexican peasant woman".

You can find more of my body paintings here