These galleries include tasteful images of nudity that may not be suitable for young persons or anyone not comfortable with nakedness. I believe that the human body is beautiful and I hope that I've been able to capture it, but I recognise that some people are offended by nudity. We all have fluffy and dangley bits, but if you prefer not to see other people's click here to Go to my Public galleries.

So, as you have decided to continue, let me ask you - Would you Dare to Bare?
People can be funny about nudity, but here's another question -

"Are they really embarrassed to be seen naked, or is it they just don’t want to be recognised?"

My Anonymous Images are pictures of people who think the latter, not your stereotypical models, but comfortable with themselves and confident in their bodies. Take a look at the gallery, I hope that you find them fun -

... and if you’d like to do something similar please contact me

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   Anonymous Images - some naked frivolity

   Bodypaintings - inspired by Fine Art

   Photoshoots - with some lovely models

   Figments of Imagination - an imaginary relationship