This series of pictures had a long gestation period. I had the idea of exploring the relationship between two people some years ago, but for various reasons was unable to develop it, mainly because of the difficulty finding a suitable couple. For both aesthetic and technical reasons I wanted to do the series as nude studies. The project sat idle until, at a life drawing class, this perfect model just happened to suggest that her friend might come and sit for the drawing group. In the end he didn't, but I suggested this project and with a little persuasion he agreed. The body of work very rapidly became a collaboration and I am indebted to both for their insights and suggestions. In the event, the pictures turned out rather different to my original concept - I'm pleased to say. My early thoughts were full of dark images of conflict and tension - moods easy to create in black and white photographs, but as time passed, I felt that I ought to try to do something less sombre, lighter. The series still has its dark side, yet I hope that the overall message is optimistic in tone.

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